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... is a simple solution for the present.

Today, there is a new purpose to integrate rain collection into our lives.  The rain collection process that lead to the advancement of civilization, was abandoned in favour of mass supply.  Now the demand on that supply is too great.  Ironically, it is time for a return to basics. Read more...

“Water is the most basic of all resources.  Civilizations grew or withered depending on its availability”

Dr. Nathan W. Snyder, Ralph M. Parsons Engineering

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A smart idea from the past ...

History has a way of repeating itself.  When it does, it is usually driven by purpose.  The history of rain collection can be traced back to over 3000 years ago.  The original purpose was to provide water to the developing civilizations of the time.  It was a logical way to provide large sources of water to populations centered in one location.  Once the modern cities developed, water was centralized by the means that we know today.  However, rain collection became the popular method of water use in sub-urban development of the 1940’s to 1960’s.  This was until municipal water provision came along.

Looking up...

The TRC Series has enjoyed a great 3-year run.  Take a look back while we look up to new ways to grow the product and idea.


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Water Rate Increase...

Now more reasons to save water...

Learn more about the water rate hike for 2010...

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So, what has been going on with The Rain Collector?  You may have noticed some major changes in the direction on this website.  There are more changes to come.