How It Works

Saving water to save you money

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When we set out to build The Rain Collector, we looked at a lot of what other people were doing and figured out how to do it better.  We also found some really cool components that we have included into the product that really does make it the best on the market. 

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We believe that we have engineered The Rain Collector to be unique.  It holds its own well above other home rain harvesting systems on the market, today.  We have taken specific care in making certain that it not only provides the best functionality and ease of use, but that it also addresses some key concerns where others do not.  You could say that The Rain Collector is the best All-In-One water conservation tool.

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See how our customers have installed their Rain Collectors.  There are some very nice ideas here for you.  Have a look at how colours work well, and how some even made The Rain Collector a part of their landscaping.

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