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The Rain Collector is sold as a kit.  That means that there is some assembly required.  This is just one more way that we’ve been able to pack in so much value and keep the costs down.


The Rain Collector has been built to last by using weather proof plastic parts.  However, the system does need a little care each year to ensure that it provides you with free water for years to come.


Before freezing temperatures set in with Old Man Winter, be sure to do the following checklist to prepare you TRC-Series product for winter:

  1.   Drain the system of water

  2.   Leave the spigot open

  3.   Inspect your Air Management Valves for any standing water

  4.   Remove the diverter hose from the diverter and barrel, and install supplied plugs

That’s it!  It’s as simple as that!

1 Year Limited Warranty

The TRC-Series is warranted for 1 year from the date of purchase against all manufacturer defects.  This covers functional failure in any of the components not cause by misuse, damage, or neglect.  This warranty does not cover scrapes and scuff to the paint finish, spigot damage, air management valve damage, improper installation, neglect of winterization, ice damage.  This warranty is null and void if the unit has been tampered with.

Please contact your point of purchase to have your unit assessed for warranty qualification.  Do not contact Nedco Products or send your unit to Nedco Products for warranty repair or replacement, unless expressly instructed to do so by Nedco Products.

The Rain Collector now comes in 4 colours.  Just choose the colour you want when ordering.

Hunter Green

Satin Black